• Elleon's Musical Journey

    Reconnecting to the Earth and the Universe

    Elleon is a dutch based funky tech house producer. He has over 15 years experience producing and perform a diversity styles of electronic music. From deep dark techno to peaceful house. His fascination are the frequencies and resonances that creates the music. The most tiny differences can make a total different sound. His fascination doesn't come from only music and sounds , but also for ancient knowledges of the power of frequencies. They invisible connect people and nature to each other, the earth and even the universe. These days most people don't feel these power frequencies anymore.


    Elleons musical journey is to get people reconnected to the earth frequency and to feel your body again. Strange and evil thoughts are get in your way to feel the energy of the universe. Get away from those thoughts that affect your life and act on your inner feeling. His music is there to bring you the positive frequencies back into your hart. He will give you a feeling of joy, energy and love for your own life. Think in possibilities and dance with these thoughts, it will enlighten you.


    His inspiration came from a Mayan history book, he learnt about the earth resonance frequency, 7,83 Hz. It is earths breath and our body need this frequency. It is inside all of us. Our DNA strings are communicating to this frequency. It connected us to the earth. To feel this internal clock, we need to stand on the ground with our bear feet, this will sync your internal clock to the earth again. It refuels our body and mind with pure energy of the universe.


    Frequencies, you don’t see them but you can hear and feel them. In your conscious and subconscious and these frequencies can make you happy, can make you dance. These frequencies brings people together. Get reconnected to the earth while dancing.

    Meditating, while listening to harmonically related drone sounds, is hypnotic in nature and relaxes the mind and the body. The same can be said of white noise.

  • Music is the strongest form of magic.

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  • Music style


    funky energetic

    Elleon has funky powerful rhythms. Deep, low clean basslines. The drive can come from the baseline or hihats. These hihats sounds fresh and cripsy. The percussions and his skills for rhythmic sound designs completes the perfect tracks for listening and for dancing in the club.



    His power of the track got from his powerful beat. On top of these beats a beautiful selection and designed sounds gives you a feeling of pleasure, joy and love for the people around you while dancing. It will make you smile.


    Beauty & the Beast

    The atmosphere in Elleon his tracks are a mixture between beautiful melodies and the dark deep rhythms he can create. The dark part is to feel your inner body. You will very alive while the beautiful melodies clear up evil thoughts and bring new brighter once inside your head. Dance and feel all the elements that comes within this amazing life.


    Maximum creativity

    From Elleon's perspective a liveset has to be live as possible. Tracks are devided in multiple parts and blended to create music live stage. Supported with great effects to get the maximum energy level.


    Each liveset wil be unique and every time you experience Elleon, you will be suprised.

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    Elleon is working on his first EP, soon more information. 

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